Quentin Little Brave is the Sundance Chief however, this is a family dance and everybody who is at the dance is family. There are many faces that are behind the makings of this ceremony beautiful and abundant.

If you feel that this is the place for you please contact us as soon as possible. It is recommended, but not necessary, that you have a sponser to help and support you. If you do not have a sponser please let us know as soon as you make the decision to dance at Corncreek.


Purification begins on June 20th. Sweat Lodge is required for all dancers and will begin on the evening of this day, the 20th. If you are not in the first lodge you will not be able to dance. Please plan ahead and make necessary arrangements to ensure your timely arrival.

Vision quests will begin on the 1st day of purification, June 20th. If you are interested in going up on the hill at this time please contact us to let us know so we can be ready for you. We will be able to take seven people at a time. You do not have to vision quest to dance. This is a seperate ceremony and can be done any time. however many like to do both at the same time so however you see it for yourself.

Pejuta Wakan 3132 is the name of the Little Brave family of Native American Church fireplace. This ceremony is held on the first night before purification begins. It is not required that you attend however, it is extremely helpful with bonding the energy of the dance together.

Services for sundancers will be held on June 19th.

Pejuta Wakan 3132

Vision Quest

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

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